ALFO MAETA ⁄ 前田 有歩


I was born in Senju, in Adachi-ku, in Tokyo. After graduation from senior high school attached to Tsukuba University, I went to Keio University. I belonged to the department of science and engineering, and my major was physics. I moved to Yamagata prefecture in 2007. The Great East Earthquake attacked in 2011 and I was struggling as one of the quake’s victim. Although I didn’t get severe damage of earthquake directly, I got to be scared of radiation that had escaped from the nuclear power plants in neighboring prefecture. Soon after, I’ve started to concern about invisible things in my life. I’ve been looking for the effective way to show the invisible things in my photographs. I want to tell people how important the invisible things are in our daily lives and I’m working hard to make better artworks through try and error. Since 2017, I’ve started up a studio “Rootsplanning” with an artist. Not only working in individually but I make artworks with her as “RooTs”, taking each other’s name. The two of us with different values make and show the artworks surrounding the “air”.





Since 2011, I’ve started my photography project “VOICE”, by focusing on the invisible things. There is a teaching called “山川草木悉皆成仏” (sansen soumoku shikkai joubutsu) in Buddhism. I studied what it means. Something invisible exists in this world, and we can learn many things from there. I think we tend to put much value on visible things. So focusing on invisible things is a wisdom which we need in our lives. As an example, I tried to express the ‘air’ in my photographs. Unlike people’s eyes, a camera finder can bring the air into focus. And I’m sure that I can show it in my photographs. Now, I want to know how the invisible part is like when I see something. Throughout the camera finder, I try to express something wider field of view that can’t be seen in our eyes. When I make the artworks I value both of visible things and invisible things. I shouldn’t think only of myself. With compassion and love for others, the world will be a better place. I put my thought for world peace into my artworks.