About Technic

Shoji is a Japanese traditional sliding door, covering wood frames with thin hand-made Japanese paper. They have commonly been used in traditional Japanese architecture since the late 12th century. We enjoy seeing through to outside from half-opened shoji or feeling the sun light sheering gently from outside.
Naturally, we have been aware of inside and out dividing by shoji. Having it in our lives, we have grown our love for four seasons in Japan.
On the process of making one work from two pictures, I used the concept of shoji in my photographs this time. In the photo, there is one piece of Washi, Japanese paper with which separated inside and out. When I took pictures I focused on the air instead of Washi.
Generally, when people see pictures, their eyes and consciousness go to one focus. But I put two different focuses in my photos. By doing this, I can configure an aspect in my head and it will be easier to focus on the midair. I tried to make my works be seen like that.